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Discover how we can help companies in the United Kingdom

From asset-based financing to industry-specific senior secured lending, we can help you obtain the capital you need to move your business forward. When you work with our specialised teams, you'll have a group of dedicated professionals supporting you along the way who can structure a wide range of financing options based on your company's history and potential.

We offer:

Flexibility. We offer more flexibility with fewer or no restrictive financial covenants inherent in most conventional financing arrangements.

Expertise. We serve clients in a wide range of industries, and have specialised teams devoted exclusively to certain industry sectors. Our professionals have a tremendous breadth of experience, as well as expertise in mergers and acquisitions, and also traditional and non-traditional situations.

Service and responsiveness. We focus on the needs of our customers well beyond the initial funding of the transaction, realising that your needs will change over time. And we take pride in our reputation for superior execution within quick time frames.

Reliability. As part of a leading financial institution, we can offer the peace of mind that comes from working with a financial services provider with an established reputation for strength and stability.